The first catholic bicycle track church in Thüringen´s “St. Laurentius” in Bodenrode

„St. Laurentius“ in Bodenrode

The 420KM long  „Leine-Heide-bicycle track“ starts its course at the Leine  river source nearby Leinefelde. It leads through Beuren our association of administrations in the locality of Wingerode and Bodenrode-Westhausen.

The „St. Laurentius” church in the idyllic center of Bodenrode  is located directly on this Leine-Heide-bicycle track.

Besides hiking, also bicycling is very popular in that region. On weekdays, but specifically on weekends, many cyclists are passing our villages. We support this trend and we would also like to expand it.

To shape up our pictorial “Eichsfeld-Region” and make it even more attractive for locals  and visitors, the idea was born for this catholic bicycle track church in Bodenrode.

This church is now the very 1st catholic bicycle track church in Thüringen! It was celebrated worthy with pleasure and proud. The ceremonial act took place at the church on June 20th, 2010  in Bodenrode. After a prayer and blessing by Reverend Stubenitzky, 2 symbols were handed over by the pastor Christfried Boelter, member of the Protestant Church Mid-Germany – the official logo of the bicycle track church and the open church.



It is worth cycling along this track, resting and backpedaling for a few minutes in silence and consciousness. For your recovery, also the newly created cycling-suitable church-environment including the new Anger with the historical Angerstein is inviting.

All pilgrims of the Road to Santiago can obtain a pilgrim-stamp in the bicycle track church or  at the administration office “Leinetal”.


For further information please contact:

Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Leinetal,

Hauptstraße 73,

37308 Bodenrode-Westhausen

Telefon: +493606 / 550015

The festive summit of the bicycle track church is the annual ”Angerfest” in August and also the Christmas Market in December. Plenty visitors like to celebrate this, since it always has a considerable program for young and old.

A cordial invitation to all cyclists, pilgrims and hikers in the region and from far away!